'Print 'N Mail' Self-Mailers

'Print 'N Mail'  Self-Mailers
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'Print 'N Mail' Self-Mailers

'Self-Mailers' are printed materials that are designed to meet US Postal Service specifications and standards for mail processing and delivery without being sealed in an envelope.

In addition to postcards, a lot of other printed materials (such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, etc.) can be addressed and mailed directly.

At Graphics 3, we routinely coordinate mailing projects with the US Postal Service, thereby keeping us abreast of current postal regulations and requirements. We're well equipped and thoroughly experienced to efficiently print your mailers .  . verify and certify your mailing lists .  . address, sort, bundle, generate required USPS forms, and deliver your mailings to the Post Office.

In short - we handle it all!

Catalogs (minimum quantity: 250)

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    What is Aqueous Coating?

    Aqueous coating is a clear, protective finish that improves the durability of your printed pieces. Water-based and environmentally friendly, it provides a glossy surface that resists fingerprints and smudges.

    Aqueous coating adds a rich quality to any full-color printed item. It's fast-drying and is applied while the paper passes through the printing press.

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